ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016 Fiber & Yarn Making

Aiki Riotech
(Hall 1, Booth A17)
Aiki Riotech Corporation will exhibit a new slub yarn device for air-texturing machines. The company is participating in ITMA ASIA+CITME 2016 to maintain the degree of its recognition as a manufacturer of synthetic fiber texturing machines and for obtaining new customers.

Awa Spindle
(Hall 1, Booth E33)
Awa Spindle Co., Ltd. will reveal products that save labor, take environmental protection into consideration, and boast high performance, high function and high efficiency.
The SR1 type migration nozzle is a space saver with a nozzle pitch of 4 mm, and air consumption is reduced by as much as 20% compared to the former D type model.

Kanai Juyo Kogyo
(Hall 1, Booth A12)
%e4%bf%a1%e6%81%af10%e6%9c%88%e5%8f%b7itma%e9%87%91%e4%ba%95%e9%87%8d%e8%a6%81Kanai Juyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. will exhibit products for cotton spinning, such as the NFC ERS/hf traveller that is popular for spinning compact yarn and NanoSpin-EX, an improved version of the NanoSpin single flange steel ring.
The NFC ESR/hf boasts high speed and long service life as the traveler does not fly off even at high rotation speeds of more than 20,000 rpm. The NanoSpin-EX is chrome plated to maintain high hardness and long service life, and has a uniform smooth surface.

Nippon Nozzle
(Hall 2, Booth A26)
Nippon Nozzle Co., Ltd. will promote spinnerets and Red Scan automatic spinneret inspection equipment. Visitors can have their spinnerets inspected on the Red Scan at the exhibition.

(Hall 1, Booth D01)
Rieter will show solutions for processing synthetic staple fibers and machines of the latest generation that are able to process all commonly used fiber varieties.
Under their trademarks Rieter, Bräcker, Graf, Novibra and Suessen, all three business groups will show products and service innovations for complete systems, spinning preparation and end spinning processes.

The new RSB-D 50 single-head draw frame generation offers an unprecedented level of productivity with the highest quality standards. The patented ECOrized drive technique and an innovative autoleveller and fiber guidance allow up to 33% higher delivery speed. The new CLEANcoil-PES coiler extends the cleaning cycle on critical polyester fibers by at least 100%.

The J 26 air-jet spinning machine will be presented for the first time in China. Rieter will also show the new combing set, comprising the E 36 OMEGAlap and six E 86 combers for the 540 kg/h set production for the first time in China.
The SPIDERweb mill management system with six new modules is a groundbreaking step in the use of “Internet of Things” for optimizing the spinning mill. With the mobile App, the Mill Manager has firm control of the data of his operating facility at all times.

(Hall 1, Booth C14)
The business units of the Saurer Group will present technologies in fiber processing from raw material to a multitude of yarns and finishings.

Zinser will present future-oriented strategies for personnel-free, process-oriented and highly efficient production. With the Autoflow automation solution, ZinserSpeed 5A roving frame as well as Zinser 72 and 71 systems, the textile machinery manufacturer paves the way to a more profitable future for customers. The new ZinserSpeed 5A consumes 20% less energy. The Zinser 72 with 2,016 spindles is the longest and most economical platform for ring and compact spinning, whose innovative suction technology consumes up to 66% less energy. The Impact FX self-cleaning compact unit for the Zinser 71 and Zinser 72 eliminates personnel-intensive cleaning intervals. Zinser will demonstrate how flexibly the Zinser 71 and 72 can be integrated into Autoflow systems.

With its smart sensor technology, the Autoconer 6 from Schlafhorst is ideally equipped to deliver perfect, individually automated processes. Innovations such as LaunchControl, SmartCycle, SmartJet and Speedster FX boost productivity by up to 12% compared with previous models. The new Eco-Drum-Drive system, SmartCycle and the intelligent vacuum control system “Power on Demand” reduce energy consumption on the Autoconer 6 by up to 20%.

The new Autocoro 9 with its individual spinning position technology sets new records for energy consumption, productivity, economic efficiency, ease of operation and quality in the fully automated machine segment. It is a strong driver of optimized textile value creation in the textile process chain: 25% lower energy consumption, 19% reduction in spinning costs, proven rotor speeds of 180,000 rpm, take-up speeds of 300 m/min. and a 60% lower servicing outlay are just some of its outstanding performance features.

Allma and Volkmann will present innovative products and solutions in the segments of staple fiber yarn, carpet yarn, tire cords, industrial yarn and glass filament yarn, such as the CompactTwister and CableCorder CC4.

(Hall 1, Booth A18)
SSM will launch eight new products in the winding and doubling segments and one in air-texturing for the first time in Asia. The new SSM X-Series will make its world premiere.

Special focus is on the new XENO-platform with the enhanced Digicone 2 winding algorithm, enabling a 10-20% increase in dye package density with the same dyeing recipe. For the first time ever, the SSM X-Series will be shown to the public. The machines (TWX-W/D, PWXW and PSX-W/D) are the most economical winding solution, reduced to the maximum yet maintaining the highest flexibility for any cost efficient winding application.

TMT Machinery
(Hall 2, Booth D02)
Under the theme “New Beginning”, TMT Machinery, Inc. will present machinery with specialized functions to meet demands in respective categories.

Particular noteworthy is the ATF-1500N/V Single draw-texturing machine equipped with a new twisting device. By mounting this new twisting device, suction cooling plates and high-temperature heaters, this draw-texturing machine can produce DTY of 660 dtex or larger for applications in carpets and car mats efficiently and in high quality. TMT Machinery plans to demonstrate this machine processing 660-dtex polyester filament at a speed of 600 m/min.

In addition to developing new models under the theme energy saving, TMT Machinery is attaching importance to labor saving. Furthermore, developments are being promoted for machinery that provides functions to yarn and equipment that process yarn in a way its functions are maximized.

Toyota Industries
(Hall 3, Booth B16)
Toyota Industries Corporation will exhibit its RX300 ring spinning frame demonstrating the spinning of special-type fancy yarn with the Mosaic Yarn device.

This device can freely change the content ratio of two kinds of materials, and can spin various types of fancy yarn by adding slub motions.A yarn break detecting device developed jointly with Uster Technologies Ltd. will also be exhibited.

(Hall 2, Booth A29)
Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG will exhibit many machines for spinning preparation for the first time in Asia, including the TC 15 card, T-Move can filling station, TC 10 card for the Chinese market, IDF 2 integrated draw frame, TD 9T Twin breaker draw frame, the new TD 8 can changer for the established autoleveller draw frame, TD 8C compact autoleveller draw frame, TCO 12A comber equipped with automatic lap change and automatic piecing, Jumbo cans, new T-Blend modular fiber blending system, new T-Scan TS-T5 foreign matter separator and T-Data quality and production data system.

Trützschler Man-Made Fibers will present two new developments in the area of carpet yarn systems. The first one is a high-performance, three-end machine concept and the second one an inline system for the production of BCF quality yarns from recycled polyester.

A number of new card clothing products will be presented. The NovoTop 58 is optimally suited for applications in the area of fine combed yarn at production speeds of up to 65 kg/h and machine width of one meter. The flat clothing NovoTop 30 has been newly developed for the processing of coarse and/or dyed fibers and reclaimed fibers for rotor spinning. The new GX1 clothing has been specifically developed for use in the area of carded and combed cotton.

The newly clothing with 717 ppsi achieves particularly good carding results for coarse to medium-coarse fibers, especially in the area of reclaimed fibers.

(Hall 1, Booth C15)
Yamauchi Corporation will exhibit spinning aprons that are durable and easy to handle. Yamauchi spinning aprons boast outstanding resistance to cracking, abrasion and oil, as well as antistatic property.
In addition to the standard-type LM-60Z, MT115-B features high cracking resistance, and SOR-65Z possesses outstanding oil resistance.