Schoeller Showing Heated E-Soft-Shell for Sale by Meter

2.6SchoellerAt ISPO Munich, Schoeller Textil AG is presenting a development in the field of wearable textile technologies: a durable, heatable e-soft-shell material which can be flexibly cut to size.

This new laminate is structured like a conventional soft-shell with Corkshell technology, and can be produced for sale by the meter. The incorporated textile electronics permit consistent heat distribution, and are functional at common voltages. Furthermore, the material can be dyed and washed.

The vision for the future of the e-soft-shell material includes washable electrical contacting, smart batteries and sensor technology that operates by smartphone. A prototype vest in the new e-soft-shell fabric will be demonstrated to potential customers at Stand 421 in Hall A1.

Together with KJUS, Osmotex and the EMPA Institute, Schoeller is also working on an electro-osmotic membrane for use in outerwear. The aim is to ensure a pleasant microclimate in the face of fluctuating external temperatures and exercise level.