Alcantara Increasing Production Capacity

Toray Industries, Inc. will increase the production capacity of Alcantara, a made-in-Italy luxury material manufactured and sold by its Italian subsidiary, Alcantara S.p.A.

Toray plans to invest approximately 300 million euro in a phased manner over the next five years in response to trends in demand to roughly double the production capacity of the Nera Montoro Plant.

Demand for Alcantara for application in automotive interiors is clearly expected to expand given the increase of use in the interior of cars and to the steady growth of automobile production around the world.

Luxury material Alcantara marketed by Alcantara has established itself a singular position in the world as a world-class global luxury brand based on the concept of made in Italy with a unique Italian management. At the time of its introduction, Alcantara was used for fashion and interior goods, and its application has been expanding to various settings including the interior of aircraft and water vehicles in addition to automobiles.

In recent years, Alcantara has been working on improving Alcantara’s brand value through management with an emphasis placed on sustainability from the perspectives of economy, society and environment. The company has obtained carbon neutral certification for its corporate activities by measuring CO2 emissions from its business activities and reducing and offsetting it through projects patronized by the United Nations ahead of other European companies.

As an important material brand marketed globally, Toray will pursue further business expansion by further strengthening the distinctive identity of Alcantara as a material being made in Italy.