Japan’s Textile & Apparel Exports Decline 3% in March

The Japan Textiles Exporters Association reported that the nation’s exports of textiles and apparel in March 2017 (based on Ministry of Finance trade statistics) decreased by 3% in value from the same month of last year to US$667.86 million. Exports to major markets remained practically the same or were slightly weak.

March exports to East Asia decreased by 3% to US$469.14 million. Exports increased to Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, while those to China declined by 3% to US$198.02 million, along with those to Vietnam by 1% to US$71.65 million.

Exports to Europe were down 3% to US$68.58 million. In exports to West Asia, which are considered to consist mainly of thobe fabrics, exports increased to Saudi Arabia, but those to the U.A.E. decreased by 2% to US$43.89 million.

By item, yarn exports increased quantitatively (up 5% to 11,900 tons), of which nylon filament yarn climbed 25% to 4,257 tons. Exports of polyester filament fabrics decreased by 1% to 19.93 million square meters, while the value remained unchanged at US$47.34 million. Exports of spun synthetic fabrics decreased by 6% and 9% respectively to 13.66 million square meters worth US$31.53 million.

Textile and apparel exports during the first three months of this year declined by 3% year-on-year to US$1,711.53 million.