Toray Receives Eco Mark Certification for Ecodear PTT Textile Products

Toray Industries, Inc. announced that its partially plant-derived Ecodear PTT composite fiber (filament yarn) and textiles received Eco Mark certification. Ecodear PTT textile products are made from DuPont Sorona polymer, a partially plant-based poly trimethylene terephthalate (PTT) resin produced by DowDupont Specialty Products Division and supplied by DuPont Specialty Products Limited.

The Ecodear PTT composite fiber and textile products obtained the Eco Mark Product Category No. 104 Household Textile Products certification. This is the first time in the world for PTT textile products to obtain the Type I environmental certification (Eco Mark in Japan).

DuPont Sorona polymer is a partially plant-based polymer made by fermenting plant-based sugar, and terephthalate resulting in a product with 37% annually renewable ingredients. The use of renewable materials in producing Sorona enables for a lower environmental footprint and reduced greenhouse gas emissions as compared to products such as nylon 6.

Toray’s Ecodear PTT composite fiber is a partially plant-based material made from DuPont Sorona Polymer. Toray, leveraging the comfort provided by the soft stretch properties of Sorona fibers, has been supplying fabrics made with Sorona fibers for sportswear and other applications under the Primeflex brand.

In recent years, demand for environment-friendly materials has been growing in sports and outdoor fields in Europe and the U.S., as well as from apparel brands in the casual wear and fashion fields given the increasing environmental awareness.