China’s Industrial Profits Increase in 2018

According to National Bureau of Statistics of China, profits made by industrial enterprises larger than a designated size totaled 7,518.71 billion yuan in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 21.0%; the growth was 12.5 percentage points greater than in 2016.

The revenue from principal activities increased by 11.1% to 116,462.38 billion yuan.

Among the 41 branches of industrial divisions, industrial profits increased for 37 divisions, remained at the same level for one, and decreased for three.

2017 profits amounted to 197.65 billion yuan for the manufacture of textiles (up 3.6%), 126.37 billion yuan for that of apparel and ornaments (up 2.9%), and 44.49 billion yuan for man-made fibers (up 38.3%).

The revenue was textiles, 3,797.67 billion yuan (up 3.7%); apparel and ornaments, 2,190.39 billion yuan (up 1.1%); and man-made fibers, 790.58 billion yuan (up 15.7%).