Japan’s Textile & Apparel Exports Off 1% in 2017

According to a Japan Textiles Exporters Association report on the nation’s exports of textiles and apparel (based on Ministry of Finance trade statistics), 2017 exports decreased by 1% compared to the previous year to US$7,560.67 million.

While exports of staple fibers were in a stagnant condition, yarn exports were vigorous with nylon filament yarn playing a leading role. Exports of fabrics and nonwovens also posted increases.

Exports of NFY grew by 14% in volume and 5% in value to 44,214 tons worth US$259.75 million.

As for fabric exports, polyester filament fabrics amounted to 244.35 million square meters (up 3%), while the value totaled US$570.72 million, or about the same as in 2016. The next largest item in fabric exports was knitted fabrics, which rose by 7% to 162.06 million square meters, but the value decreased by 2% to US$576.70 million.

Nonwovens exports increased by 4% in volume and 5% in value to 866.23 million square meters worth US$686.83 million.

Exports of spun synthetic fabrics, of the main application is Middle East ethnic wear, decreased; although exports improved from July, it was not enough to cover dull exports from the first of the year.

By market or destination, the value of exports to East Asia totaled US$5,489.27 million, or about the same as the previous year. Exports to China slightly rose by 1% to US$2,379.13 million, and those to Vietnam grew by 4% to US$924.16 million, whereas exports to Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong decreased.

Exports to Europe declined by 4% to US$771.77 million, accounting for 10% of total fabric exports. Meanwhile, exports to the U.S. rose by 8% to US$670.76 million (9% share).

Exports to Saudi Arabia fell 12% to US$108.23 million, along with those to the U.A.E. by 14% to US$164.20 million.