Japan’s Cotton Fabric Imports Decrease 4.3% in 2017

According to a report on Japanese cotton fabric imports, as compiled by the Japan Spinners’ Association from Ministry of Finance trade statistics, 2017 imports decreased by 4.2% from the previous year to 255.24 million square meters.

Imports from China declined by 4.7% to 118.86 million square meters, while those from Indonesia rose by 1.3% to 55.48 million square meters. Imports from Pakistan were down 1.9% to 44.26 million square meters.

Meanwhile, 2017 imports of polyester/cotton blended fabrics increased by 5.8% to 85.15 million square meters. Imports from Indonesia grew by 8.3% to 44.26 million square meters, and imports from China came next at 20.31 million square meters (down 11.1%).