The Road to ANEX 2018 Series 3: Dynic Strengthening Proposals Starting With Exhibitions

Products are developed with a combination of technologies

Dynic Corporation is cited as the beginning of the Japanese nonwovens industry. Introducing equipment from Europe in 1956, the company aimed at pioneering the nonwovens business. Since then, the company has been supplying ‘personalized’ products to the industry for over sixty years with a combination of diverse technologies. A major factor is its development power including secondary and tertiary processing, and the company will continue to propose products that make full use of its technology.

The company was first established in the Nishijin area of Kyoto about a century ago in 1919 under the name Nippon Cloth Industry Co., Ltd. When its nonwovens business began, Dynic handled mainly fusible interlinings for apparel, and the domain of business has gradually expanded to include carpets, automotive interior materials and filters.

The Saitama Factory located in Fukaya, Saitama Prefecture was damaged by snow in February 2014, but is already back to stable supply operation, and automotive interior materials and carpets are showing vigorous movements. Overseas, Dynic has established a global production system, which includes P.T. Dynic Textile Prestige in Indonesia and bases in China and Thailand.

Supporting the company is its strong development power (functional applications). Its breatheability technology in which the specific surface area is enlarged by making it porous and antimicrobial and mildew-proofing technology that suppresses a mildewy odor are appreciated highly in the sector of filters for home appliances. In addition, the evaluation test room at the Shiga Factory located in Inugami, Shiga Prefecture enables in-house verification of sound-absorbing performance of backing materials for flooring, etc.

Dynic has seven lines of business, and it can be said that the horizontal development of these business lines is a characteristic of the company. For instance, it is possible to integrate nonwoven fabric, sheet forming, embossing technologies together with coating technology including surface finishing as the core. The company has introduced into the market hybrid products in which nonwoven fabrics are laminated with other materials. Using its strength to advantage, it is developing new applications with a focus on nursing care and environment-related sectors.

At ANEX 2018, Dynic will actively promote its ability to develop cutting-edge products, as well as its test evaluation technology. Although damage from the snow caused a slight delay in product developments, the company is placing an emphasis on strengthening its proposal of products starting with ANEX 2018.