The Road to ANEX 2018 Series 5: Nippon Filcon Production Belts Support Industries

Spunpro series

Nippon Filcon Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells nonwoven production belts. The company commenced business in 1916, and was established as an incorporated entity in 1936. Initially, its main business was papermaking mesh, and the company developed together with the paper industry. In the 1970s, it advanced into the nonwovens field (production belts). Its business involves most nonwovens manufacturers in Japan.

Accumulating results and achievements in the production of papermaking mesh, papermaking-related products are still its main business even today. Nippon Filcon applies the technology for papermaking mesh to nonwoven fabric manufacturing belts. Its belts are used for a wide range of manufacturing equipment, such as spunbonding, meltblowing and airlaying methods, and the company boasts a market share of 70-80% in Japan.

Nonwovens manufacturing belts generally have a simple design and construction, but Nippon Filcon can provide highly original belts that no other company can produce with the application of special weaving techniques. The design can also be altered. Its presence in the market is great, as its Monozukuri including adaptability to needs and value addition is accepted widely.

Many of its products have been created by using these strengths to advantage. The Spunpro series of belts for high-speed spunbond lines is one of these products. With the acceleration of higher value addition of nonwoven fabrics, the need for upgrading belts has also increased, and the company is constantly endeavoring to upgrade its products in response to the requests of customers, such as the addition of static removal property.

Nippon Filcon has a production base in Shizuoka, Japan, and has also established a base in Thailand. Especially, operations at the Thai base continue to be favorable, and the company has been undertaking a three-year program for increasing its production capacity by 10% with the installation of more weaving machines since 2017. Even beyond fiscal 2020, more capital investments are being considered.

Nippon Filcon hopes that its products and production technology will come into widespread use in the nonwovens industry. These include filter elements and filter systems from Kansai Wire Netting Co., Ltd. based in Osaka. These products are already highly appreciated among Japanese nonwovens manufacturers, and the company intends to promote these products to overseas companies. At ANEX 2018, such promotions will be made using the strength of the entire group.