Total Testing Center Is Already a Hit With Spinners

The practical benefits delivered by the Uster Tester 6 range from assured quality control to expert process analysis and optimization of the entire spinning mill with the Total Testing Center. It’s no surprise, therefore, that this sixth generation of the renowned Uster tester has already earned widespread acclaim across every discipline of the yarn manufacturing sector.

In less than three years since its introduction, the Tester 6 has earned a positive feedback from spinning mill quality managers for automatic data analysis and alerting features provided by Assistant Q. Production managers appreciate the facility for connection with other Uster testing and monitoring instruments to offer detailed guidance on process improvements, integrated throughout all mill operations. At the top level, mill owners report great satisfaction with their investment in the Tester 6 as a means to boosting staff performance in the drive towards managing the spinning mill with quality in mind. Ultimately, it’s a risk-reducing guarantee of success, especially important in a highly competitive market such as Turkey.

The benefits of Tester 6 are also impressing professionals at the next stage of the yarn business: the traders and sales people tasked with linking yarn production to the paying customers downstream.

At the forthcoming ITM 2018 in Turkey, the Tester 6 will be showcased to all these groups from the yarn business, with Uster specialists ready to present the only evenness tester with numerous deal-making advantages.