Iluna Group With Roica by Asahi Kasei

           In line with the powerful global trend towards smarter fashion solutions, a new initiative titled “Nature Moves Us” is being presented by Interfilière, a platform dedicated to defining the importance of more sustainable materials and smart, responsible manufacturing, while reducing waste, pollutants and focusing on recycling as a smarter way forward for the intimate wear, beach and hosiery sectors.

Iluna has been invited to be a part of this and to showcase its best fabric and fashion smart innovations using Roica Eco-Smart family, a world’s first range of responsible made premium stretch yarns, demonstrating, once more, how the two leading innovators continue their close partnership to present the most “advanced” and responsible solutions to the market today.

For this area, Iluna presents an exclusive and elegant lace long dress, created in collaboration with Valery, starting from an allover Textronic ultralight lace with a complex organic design completely made of recycled materials, using Roica Eco-Smart family of premium and responsible stretch yarns.

Nevertheless, for Iluna smart innovation is not just a project, even its space at Interfilière will be the stage where visitors will have the opportunity to discover the new collection and to also experience and touch the latest boundaries of smart lace innovations.

This season novelties include:

Green Label collection, an Iluna dedicated range featuring a new responsible approach in respect of the planet and people, able to deliver innovation, beauty and quality, at 360 degrees. This season , in addition to the all over, jacquard, double jacquard and mesh offer, the line is also featuring new stretch Galloon laces fully made with GRS certified recycled materials, including the stretch thanks to the introduction of the unique Roica sustainable yarn part of the Roica Eco-smart family.

Iluna is also proud to introduce a worldwide première: allover laces made with NAIA cellulosic fiber by Eastmann combined with Roica premium stretch sustainable yarn realized on jacquard warp knitting machines. A unique innovation, with an interesting look & feel combined with a special softness!

Iluna has strategically included in all of its stretch laces only Roica Eco-smart family of sustainable yarns since some time. The company is pleased to introduce, in occasion of Interfilière, the latest version of these yarns that are able to deliver three functions in one: premium stretch, sustainability combined with the Roica Colour Perfect family function offering excellent flawless and world unique color dimensions, homogeneity.

For the salon, another première: in cooperation with Roica and Cupro by Asahi Kasei, Iluna is pleased to introduce Smart Bucket Bag as a special limited edition gift. IN origin, this was a roomy bag shaped like a bucket taller than it is wide with a rounded bottom. It first came to fashion in the 1900s, from a pouch with a string and hardened bottom. Federica Annovazzi idea started from the traditional shape, but it went way beyond and made it contemporary by smart materials and manufacturing. A beautifully crafted ‘double face recipe’ made combining a luxurious Cupro fabric by Infinity with an Iluna stretch lace designed and produced with Roica Eco-Smart sustainable yarn.

The bag is manufactured exclusively by Made in Carcere, a cooperative of women in rehabilitation, so creating a useful social exchange as well as a responsible and smart one.

Iluna can also boast its new STeP (Sustainable Textile Production) certification by Oeko-Tex, a certification that clarifies and communicates the company’s sustainable production commitment. In addition to this, all products are Oeko-Tex 100 certified.