The Road to ANEX 2018 Series 19: Kanai Juyo Kogyo Develops Markets With Functionalization & Intermediate Processing

Kanai nonwovens are used for familiar products such as scrubbing brush pads

Kanai Juyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells nonwovens centering on the chemical-bonded type for various applications, and is currently promoting a downstream strategy for developing new markets with functionalization and intermediate processing. At ANEX 2018, the company will present these initiatives with an aim at pursuing the potentials of nonwovens and uncovering new user needs.

The company’s nonwovens business continued to perform well in fiscal 2017, with sales increasing for air filter applications. Sales were maintained for automotive headliner materials, where competition with other materials is intensifying. Sales were also relatively stable for materials for scrubbing brush pads and other household goods.

However, the Japanese market for air filters is inevitably shrinking. Even in the sector of automotive headliner materials, competition has been intensifying with knitted fabrics and other materials, and the situation of sales of automobiles using its materials also has a great impact. Accordingly, the development of new applications and markets has become an important task, and Kanai Juyo Kogyo has implemented a downstream strategy for commencing the functionalization and intermediate processing of nonwovens.

One of them is related to abrasives. The application of various abrasive materials will enable nonwovens to obtain multifarious performances. This technology and knowhow are already being applied as special abrasive-related nonwovens are being manufactured on an OEM basis. Tests and presentations were made in 2017, and their performance, etc. are currently being evaluated.

A major task for fiscal 2018 is to embody the results of these initiatives and link them to sales. The downstream strategy by functionalization and intermediate processing is likely to accelerate for the development of new applications and marekts.

At ANEX 2018, Kanai Juyo Kogyo will exhibit its products, and is also going to introduce their initiatives as well. A project team has been formed especially for ANEX, and will plan the contents of exhibits that will pursue and present what can be done with nonwovens and how nonwovens are used today. It will introduce its basic strategy of placing an emphasis on things that other companies do not do with an aim at uncovering and realizing new needs of users with nonwovens.