The Road to ANEX 2018 Series 20: Shingoshu Makes Full Use of Its Processing Technology

Headquarters in Nagahama, Shiga

Shingoshu Co., Ltd. based in Nagahama, Shiga Prefecture (Japan) supplies waterproof/moisture-permeable sheets and other housing materials. Its waterproof/moisture-permeable sheets are made by laminating a nonwoven fabric and film together, and they have gained a high reputation not only in terms of technology but also cost. Using these superior factors to advantage, the company hopes to proactively advance into a number of new sectors in the future, such as automotive interior materials and civil engineering applications.

Founded in 1947, the company started with the sales of Japanese and machine-made paper, and later advanced into the production of corrugated cardboard. It first became involved in nonwovens in 1989. While dealing in curing sheets for building and residential use, the company cited waterproof/moisture-permeable sheets for houses as a new business.

Shingoshu moved its headquarters and factory to the current location in 1997, and at the same time it started full-scale business in waterproof/moisture-permeable sheets. Although it does not produce the nonwoven fabric itself, it has been producing high value-added products with its film lamination technology. The company boasts a production share of 20-30%, and these sheets have grown to become one of the company’s core products.

The high evaluation is attributed to its special lamination techniques, such as applying hot melt adhesive in a spider web form so as not to impair moisture permeability. Another great advantage is that Shingoshu can also undertake printing and other processes subsequent to lamination. The company will continue to pursue reigning as the most cost-competitive house wrap factory in Japan.

Meanwhile, the Japanese market for houses has been declining, and the competition among manufacturers supplying materials is intensifying. In recent years, house makers are compelled to provide function such as heat shielding and longer residential service life, and are actively responding to needs in order to beat the competition.

In addition to housing materials, Shingoshu will endeavor to enter the sectors of automotive interior materials, civil engineering, agricultural applications, sanitary and livingware materials. The company has already made achievements in capping sheets (civil engineering related) and surgical drapes (sanitary materials).

At ANEX 2018, Shinhoshu will make proposals for a wide range of applications, and hopes to find partners to collaborate with by promoting its processing technologies.