New MÜGRIP MBJ6.1 for Producing Labels With Thermally Cut Selvedges

           Jakob Müller’s MÜGRIP MBJ6.1 1/1380 rapier machine for the production of labels is a further development of the MÜGRIP MBJ6, and is now immediately available for sale.

Strict quality requirements with regard to woven labels and increasing digitization in connection with data transfer and monitoring are two important issues in the label production area. In view of this trend, Jakob Müller has subjected its MÜGRIP MBJ6 to an update, and the new MÜGRIP MBJ6.1 1/1380 stands out due to the following:

  • Increased machine speed for higher production output
  • A new temple bar with gentle clamping ensures that the fabric adjusts to the dynamics of the weaving process to perfection and makes the new MÜGRIP suitable for the universal production of labels with everything from very low to extremely high weft densities and diverse weave structures in thicknesses of up to 2 mm.
  • The spring loaded back rest roller prevents overstretching of warp, and thus markedly improves fabric quality.
  • The Iro Luna X3 weft feeder (option) offers excellent operating comfort, and ensures constant weft tension
  • New front thermal fixing (optional) for improved anchorage across the entire fabric width
  • New mechanical controlled tape winding (optional) for constant fabric roll tension

In addition, the MÜGRIP MBJ6.1 offers the same advantages as its predecessor:

  • High energy efficiency owing to the latest drive technology
  • High weft densities due to vertical reed beat-up
  • Gentle weft feeding for the processing of an extensive range of yarns
  • Long rapier head and belt service life
  • Universal rapier for yarn titres of 22 to 1,400 dtex

An Italian customer who extensively tested the new MÜGRIP MBJ6.1 says, “We are very happy with the new full width temple bar and the spring loaded back rest roll. All types of labels can be woven. Quality is perfect and the outer ribbons are straight. A lower warp tension is now generally required. The rapiers have been used for a year without any problem.”