Asahi Kasei Presents New Fibrillation Finishing Technology for Bemberg Fabrics

Velutine Evo is a new finishing refinement technology developed in the Japanese laboratories of Asahi Kasei Corporation that offers a premium finish to the best qualities of the classic Bemberg peach skin touch.

As part of the company’s continuous innovation, Velutine Evo brings better environmental, energy and water profiles for the benefit of Bemberg partners in the manufacture of their ranges. It sets a new benchmark for everyday luxury with a new generation of fibrillation technology.

The roll out of the Velutine Evo technology will flow from the activation of Bemberg partners who have their own, vertical in-house dyeing and finishing expertise. They include Ipeker, Ekoten and Matias & Araujo in Europe, with Debs Textile and A-Girls in Japan. Also, Asahi Kasei has cooperatively partnered two dyehouses in Europe and two in Japan. They are Tifas and TF2000 in Italy plus Komatsu Seiren and Nihon Kasen in Japan. These have been selected to service the production activity of partners without in-house facilities.

Asahi Kasei have asked ICEA the third party organization to measure the environmental impacts and produce a preliminary LCA – Life Cycle Assessment – study for Velutine Evo that confirms all the projected data savings, and Tifas has carried out practical processing trials in order to verify the process feasibility and technical results (technical results on the finished product).

The environmental benefits of Velutine Evo are:

  • Global Warming Potential: 16.5% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Total consumption of energy resources: decrease in total consumption of energy resources of 21%
  • Direct energy consumption for ennobling process: electricity savings of 20.5%; steam reduction of 15.9%
  • Direct water consumption for ennobling process: 19.5% reduction


With Velutine Evo, Asahi Kasei is offering new values and choice for the market to move in a way that suits their Bemberg customer base with an openness that delivers a truly reliable, equal and precious outcome.

Visitors to the Asahi Kasei booth at Première Vision Paris (Hall 6, Booth 6G62 6H63) will have an opportunity to understand the new value of Velutine Evo and join in the launch of the Bemberg new brand campaign and presentation of the latest, unique and precious fabrics.