Toray Participating in NSC Congress & Expo

The Toray Group in the U.S. will exhibit at the National Safety Council’s 2018 NSC Congress & Expo in Houston, Texas from October 20th to 26th.

For the third year in a row, Toray will be showcasing some of its toughest and heartiest products. The Toray booth (#4724) will be displaying materials that go into protecting people from cuts, accidents, chemicals, fire, molten materials and more.

The NSC Congress & Expo is the premier annual safety event, attended by 15,000 safety, health and environmental professionals. Several safety-conscious innovations offered by Toray will be on display. Visitors to the Toray booth will be able to see for themselves and learn more about them all:

  • Livmoa breathable chemical-protective wear that offers superior sealing against airborne dry particles
  • Bogu resilient fabrics made of Toray PTFE fibers, a product of Toray Fluorofibers America (TFA), is used for protection against molten metal and chemical splash. It is also capable of blocking fire, shielding against particles and providing vapor control.
  • Gulfeng high-performance flame-shielding materials that can stand up to both flame and high heat
  • SV. TECH incredibly strong composite yarns well suited for protective wear, such as cut-resistant gloves.

Toray is a world-leading manufacturer of advanced materials in Japan and around the globe, and develops and provides cutting-edge materials in various fields through research and development based on the four core technologies of organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biotechnology and nanotechnology. Its products range from synthetic fibers, resins and films to electronic information materials, pharmaceuticals and medical materials, water treatment membranes and others. Especially, Toray has established itself a solid position as a global leader in carbon fiber composite materials for aerospace, aircraft and other applications.