Trevira Presenting High-End Contract Textiles for Healthcare Environments at Building Healthcare

           Trevira GmbH will again exhibit at this year’s Building Healthcare show in Dubai, from October 2nd to 4th.

The German manufacturer of high-value polyester fibers will present a large variety of fabrics made by twelve partners from inherently flame-retardant Trevira fibers and yarns.

Modern furnishing concepts for healthcare environments are increasing demands in terms of quality, functionality, coloring and hygiene. Perfectly matched materials and color concepts in the interior not only help to provide good orientation for the residents, but also create more attractive spaces. In addition, the use of appropriate textiles such as curtains, drapes, blinds and sliding panels, fabric-covered dividing panels, upholstery and bedding textiles, can improve the room acoustics, maintain privacy, and let the room appear in a pleasant light. In healthcare environments where hygiene and cleanliness are of particular importance, antimicrobial textiles may be used.

Trevira CS and Trevira CS Bioactive create a safe, attractive and comfortable environment in hospitals, clinics, spas, care homes and all other sectors in the contract sector.

Trevira CS Bioactive contract textiles combine flame-retardant and antimicrobial functions, which makes them the ideal material for use in healthcare facilities. They inhibit the growth of bacteria, prevent the formation of odors in/on the fiber, and keep the textiles fresh for a longer time. The permanent flame-retardant and bioactive properties of the fibers is integrated at molecular level, meaning that they remain unaffected by repeated washings, abrasion and aging. This gives them an advantage over textiles with only a supplementary surface finish.

Trevira CS and Trevira CS Bioactive fabrics for the healthcare sector presented at the show stand come from these suppliers: Delius, Dina Vanelli, Fidivi Tessitura Vergnano, Gebrüder Munzert, JAB, Mattes & Ammann, Pugi, Rubelli, Rudolf Breuer Mechanische Weberei, Schmitz Textiles/drapilux, Subrenat and Verotex.

Trevira CS and Trevira CS Bioactive fabrics meet the requirements of the relevant international fire safety standards, and can be certified according to the IMO regulations for the maritime sector. All Trevira fibers and yarns carry the Oekotex Standard 100 certificate, and are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards for sustainable products. A broad variety of collections with thousands of designs are available in Trevira CS worldwide.