Fast Retailing and Daifuku to Develop Comprehensive Logistics Services Over Longer Term

Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. and Daifuku Co., Ltd. have formed a strategic partnership aimed at establishing comprehensive logistics services over the medium-to-long term.

The Fast Retailing Group, which has set a target of 3 trillion yen in net sales, and Daifuku, a global leader in material handling systems, established a solid relationship of mutual trust established through the automation of Fast Retailing’s Ariake warehouse. Based on this affiliation and their shared corporate culture of contributing to society through outstanding innovation, the two companies will work toward further business expansion for both firms over the longer term and the provision of a sustained and stable logistics function.

Fast Retailing and Daifuku will each utilize their respective wealth of knowledge and experience to reform and improve logistics systems. The two companies will carefully evaluate the current status of distribution, and develop innovative and revolutionary logistics systems in order to deliver products to customers faster.

Both companies will introduce state-of-the-art automation facilities, developing and building the world’s most advanced automation facilities with the aim of full automation of Fast Retailing Group brand warehouses in Japan and overseas.

The two companies will form a special team comprising members from both companies for the planning, implementation and maintenance of fully automated Fast Retailing Group brand warehouses in Japan and overseas, with the aim at establishing a better logistics environment.

The two will pursue a comprehensive set of measures encompassing all processes for the introduction of automation facilities, including design, devices, procurement of materials and specialized staff, construction, and trial operation, with the aim at achieving the introduction of automation in the shortest possible timeframe.

To maximize the productivity of automation facilities, they will plan and implement new logistics systems unconstrained by conventional thinking, along with the development of systems necessary to achieve it.