Brückner Sanforizing Range Performing Well at Ganga Fashions India

In 2017, Ganga Fashions Pvt. Ltd., a successful Indian manufacturer, exporter and supplier of suits and sarees for women, purchased a Brückner sanforizing range, which was set into production in early 2018.

The main components of the line are a rubber-belt compressive shrinking unit, felt calender and cooling cylinders. The compressive shrinking line provides the fabric with a stable structure, a silk-like lustrous surface and smooth hand. In addition, it reduces residual shrinkage to up to 3%.

The machine is very easy to handle. The control of tension and software allow treating very light fabrics without any marks. The production speed is up to 70 m/min. The production team is very satisfied with this range, and is recommending it especially for difficult and sensitive articles.