U.S. Textile & Apparel Imports Grow 5.4% in Quantity During Jan.-Nov. 2018

The U.S. Office of Textiles and Apparel reported that imports of textiles and apparel during January-November 2018 increased by 5.36% year-on-year to 60,035.08 million square meter equivalent (SME).

The import value for the first eleven months of last year rose by 4.48% to US$102.691.57 million.

Imports of apparel grew by 2.25% in volume and 2.90% in value to 25,746.71 million SME worth US$76,831.00 million.

Imports of textiles increased by 7.62% and 9.46% to 37,288.37 million SME and US$25,860.56 million, respectively. Of this, imports of yarns grew by 14.31% and 14.07% to 3,221.74 million SME and US$1,294.28 million, respectively. Imports of fabrics rose by 8.06% and 7.17% to 12,150.13 million and US$5,956.42 million, respectively.