New Director of Picanol Group

The Picanol Group has co-opted Ann Vereecke bvba, represented by Ann Vereecke, as a non-executive, independent director in order to further diversify its Board of Directors. This appointment will be valid until the conclusion of the 2020 general meeting.

Ann Vereecke bvba replaces The Marble bvba, represented by Luc Van Nevel, who has resigned as director. Luc Van Nevel will remain associated as an advisor to the Board of Directors. The formal appointment of Ann Vereecke bvba will be proposed to the next general shareholders meeting.

The Board of Directors of the Picanol Group is now composed as follows:

  • Stefaan Haspeslagh (chairman)
  • 7 Capital sprl*, represented by Chantal De Vrieze
  • Kantoor Torimmo nv*, represented by Jean Pierre Dejaeghere
  • Ann Vereecke bvba*, represented by Ann Vereecke
  • Pasma nv, represented by Patrick Steverlynck
  • Luc Tack

* independent directors