Shima Seiki Releases Major Update of “” App

           Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd. has released a major update to its smart device app “”. New features include an AR (augmented reality) mode and ultra-realistic knit fabric viewer, enabling a richer virtual knit experience. was initially released in November 2017 as an app for showcasing the company’s original knit collection as 3D images in virtual space. Knitwear can be browsed by trend theme and rotated 360°, and with the use of VR goggles, the collection can be enjoyed in 3D. Traditionally, fashion trend collections involved prototype samples designed and produced each season worn by models at fashion events. With, collections can be viewed anytime, anywhere and without limitations in time, place or opportunity.

New themes and items are added to on a regular basis. By allowing push notifications on any smart device, it can receive the latest fashion trend information from Shima Seiki.

All knitwear featured in is planned, designed and simulated using Shima Seiki’s SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system. Such digitized knitwear is attracting attention as a tool for advancing IT in the fashion industry. Furthermore, simulation with APEX3 becomes the basis for data to be used for actual programming of dedicated industrial knitting machines (computerized flat knitting machines). Until now, it was common for apps to simply allow for viewing of fashion designs in virtual space. Now, by linking virtual designs to actual production, presents a production model for IT-based 21st century manufacturing.

The AR mode is a function that allows virtual model wearing Shima Seiki original knitwear to be viewed within the user’s actual surroundings, offering an even more effective “real world” presentation of virtual knitwear. The model can be viewed from all angles, and the intensity and direction of the light source can be adjusted as well. Screenshots can be taken of the virtual model in AR mode as well.

With the ultra-realistic knit fabric viewer, Shima Seiki original knitwear can be viewed as ultra-realistic virtual samples in full detail. This is made possible by the extremely high quality of knit simulation on APEX3.