Taiwan’s Textile & Apparel Exports Remain Flat in 2018

According to the Taiwan Textile Federation, exports of textiles and apparel remained flat in 2018 with a rise of 0.01% over the previous year to US$10,074 million.

Exports to Vietnam (the largest market) maintained strong exports of spun yarn thanks to increasing investments in the midstream sector. Meanwhile, exports to other major markets (China, the U.S., Hong Kong and Indonesia) decreased.

By item, exports of spun yarn grew by 10% to US$1,676 million, along with those of textile fibers by 4% to US$806 million, and other textile goods by 5% to US$427 million. Meanwhile, exports of fabrics decreased by 2% to US$6,655 million, together with apparel including accessories by 7% to US$510 million.