Japan’s Textile & Apparel Exports Up 3% in 2018

According to a Japan Textiles Exporters Association report based on Ministry of Finance trade statistics, exports of textiles and apparel in 2018 increased by 3% over the previous year to US$7,819.43 million.

Exports to Vietnam surpassed US$1 billion.

2018 exports of textile fibers rose by 3% to US$834.34 million. Exports increased for acrylic staple fiber, but decreased for rayon and polyester staple fibers.

Yarn exports were up 2% to US$1,040.81 million, of which rayon and polyester filament yarns increased.

Exports of woven and knitted fabrics rose by 1% to US$2,822.25 million, and those of coated fabrics increased by 8% to US$479.36 million.

By destination, exports increased to East Asia (up 3%). Exports to Vietnam rose by 9% to US$1,057.0 million. Exports to Europe, North America and Africa grew by 9%, 8% and 19%, respectively. Meanwhile, exports to West Asia dropped 20% due to stagnant exports of fabrics for Middle East traditional wear. Exports to Central and South America and Oceania were also slow.