FatFace Launches New Sustainable Swimwear Range with Mipan Regen Fiber from Hyosung

Photo courtesy of FatFace/Hyosung

This summer, FatFace launched an eco-friendly swimwear range. Made from recycled fibers, these pieces are not only helping our planet, but will make their customers look gorgeous too. From the beach to the pool, the colorful and bold prints show them off for all of the right reasons. They’re produced using Hyosung’s Mipan Regen fiber, which is made from recycled nylon and significantly reduces energy consumption.

FatFace is a U.K.-based multi-chain retailer with over 200 stores, an award-winning store design and a fast-growing e-commerce website. From new stores to international expansion, they’re constantly exploring ways to give more people better access to the FatFace brand, all the while retaining their passion for delivering a fantastic product and service experience that is loved by all of their customers.

Mipan Regen is a reclaimed nylon yarn made by recycling pre-consumer waste, an eco-friendly product that has acquired Control Union’s Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification.

Mipan Regen is one of Hyosung’s portfolio of sustainable solutions of nylon, polyester fibers and energy-saving products to meet consumers’ needs for multi-functional and eco-friendly clothing.