Taiwan’s Textile & Apparel Exports Drop 8% in H1

According to the Taiwan Textile Federation, exports of textiles and apparel during January-June 2019 fell 8% year-on-year to US$4,698 million. Vietnam was the largest destination, to which exports decreased slightly.

By item, exports decreased for nearly all items. Exports of fabrics declined by 5% to US$3,163 million, along with those of spun yarns, which were vigorous last year, by 12.0% to US$759 million, textile fibers by 22.0% to US$323 million, and apparel (including accessories) by 10% to US$231 million. Compared to January-March 2019, exports decreased at greater rates except for apparel.

By destination, exports to Vietnam decreased by 1% to US$1,112 million, of which fabrics slightly rose by 0.4% to US$883 million. Exports of spun yarns, which climbed 27% last year, grew by 4% to US$120 million.

China was the second largest destination, to which exports fell 18% to US$810 million: fabrics, US$501 million (down 13%) and spun yarns, US$231 million (down 24%).

Exports to the U.S. rose by 1% to US$348 million: fabrics, US$172 million (up 3%) and apparel, US$74 million (down 12%).