Toray Promoting Widespread Use of Personal Protective Clothing in Guinea

Livmoa 5000

Toray Industries, Inc. made an agreement with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) this September to undertake a project to promote the deployment and utilization of personal protective clothing in the Republic of Guinea.

Leveraging Japanese technology, this project is to support strengthening infection risk control particularly for preparedness against deadly infectious diseases such as Ebola Diseases (EVD) that spread during 2014-2016.

Running through January 2021, this 37-million-yen initiative will address the nation’s pressing need to prepare for the possible recurrence of diseases, since the diseases themselves have not been eliminated yet as in the cases detected in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Toray will provide guidance to medical institutes and medical/co-medical personnel in close consultation with relevant government officials in using Livmoa 5000 protective clothing, along with promoting their awareness and preparedness for healthcare-associate risks. The company will also invite key Guinean government officials and concerned public health authorities to Japan with an aim to help them upskill and acquire knowledge from Japanese experts in collaboration with specialist institutions in Japan.

Livmoa personal protective clothing enables wearers to perform at their best by safeguarding them from body fluids, blood and their droplets while remaining moisture permeable to optimize comfort under hot and humid conditions. Easy removal reduces the risks of secondary infections from on-clothing contaminations.