Oerlikon Shows World Premieres in China

Oerlikon at Shanghaitex 2019

Oerlikon has invited all visitors to this year’s Shanghaitex in China on a journey into the future of man-made fiber production. From November 25th to 28th, the world market leader showed all its guests its vision of a sustainable and automated manmade fiber production at its 100-m2 stand in Hall E1, D20: “Clean Technology. Smart Factory.” was the motto of the future. And this was only a stone’s throw away from reality at the stand. Oerlikon presented the four ITMA Barcelona world premieres for efficient machine and plant concepts in a new, innovative industrial design. Together with numerous other innovations, all this forms the new DNA of the Oerlikon Manmade Fibers segment.

Launched to create new standards in texturing, the eAFK Evo generation of machines promises superior speeds, greater productivity and consistently high product quality, along with lower energy consumption and simpler operation vis-à-vis comparable market solutions. Oerlikon Barmag showed these wide-ranging capabilities at the trade fair with a high-end design from the new system platform. In particular, the numerous value-added features include two that are excelling with cool technology: the optimized EvoHeater and the EvoCooler, a completely newly developed active cooling unit.

Wings FDY is now also newly available for the polyamide 6 process. With this development, the tried-and-tested Wings technology – to date well-known for FDY yarns from polyester manufacturing – is now also available for the challenging polyamide 6 process. This new 24-end winding concept makes the efficient production of FDY PA6 yarns a reality.

The BCF S8 production plant promises carpet yarn manufacturers greater punching power within a fiercely contended market. Superlative spinning speeds, up to 700 filaments per yarn end, finer titers down to 2.5 dpf – the performance data and technological finesse of the new system already made an impression at its unveiling at the German Domotex trade fair in January. At Shanghaitex 2019, the monocolor and tricolor versions of the BCF S8 were revealed.

With the new VacuFil recycling series, Oerlikon Barmag in cooperation with its subsidiary company BBEngineering is offering a solution catering to a “clean technology” production philosophy. Decades of experience in the areas of extrusion, filtration and spinning systems have been bundled into a new, innovative core component – the vacuum filter. It unites gentle largescale filtration and controlled intrinsic-viscosity build-up for consistently outstanding melt quality. The vacuum unit – located adjacent to the filter – swiftly and reliably removes volatile contamination (spinning oil, etc.). The excellent degasification performance additionally relieves the energy-intensive predrying process.

The modular structure of the VacuFil range offers numerous possibilities for the process guiding system. Whether as a standalone solution with downstream granulation or as an inline variant with 3DD additive feed – customer requirements can be optimally catered for with various system configurations.