Première Vision Publishing Fashion Book

           For 45 years, Première Vision has been at the source of inspiration and creation for fashion professionals around the world. Through its trade shows and marketplace, it inspires, nurtures and deciphers trends.

For the occasion, and in order to highlight the creativity of the upstream fashion sector, Première Vision will publish on December 5th a fine new book published by La Martinière editions: Inspiring Fashion Textile Revolutions.

The appearance of knitwear, the rise of Lurex or polyamide, the coronation of accessories, the arrival of eco-responsible materials and the connected garment… these are all bold and spectacular turning points that changed the world of global fashion and telling the story of the incredible creativity of manufacturers.

By revealing the key and little-known role played by material innovation and technological advances, this book retraces the saga of Première Vision, a key player in the fashion and creative industries, originally created by an association of fifteen Lyon-based weavers.

Widely illustrated with archive images, portraits of exceptional craftsmen and designers, this fine book offers a true immersion into the creation of yesterday and tomorrow to understand its genesis.