Japan’s Synthetic Filament Nonwovens Production Decreases in 2019

According to the Japan Chemical Fibers Association, the production of synthetic filament nonwovens by six Japanese producers in 2019 declined by 19.9% from the previous year to 2,458.61 million square meters. In terms of weight, production decreased by 13.9% to 71,807 tons.
The six producers are: Asahi Kasei Corp.; Toyobo Co., Ltd.; Toray Industries, Inc.; Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.; Unisel Co., Ltd.; and Unitika Ltd.
By material, 2019 production of nylon filament nonwovens increased by 6.9% to 65.14 million square meters, and by 6.1% in weight to 2,056 tons. Production of the polyester type rose by 0.4% to 611.78 million square meters, but decreased by 0.6% in weight to 36,704 tons. Production of the polypropylene type decreased by 25.7% both in square meters and weight to 1,781.69 million square meters and 33,047 tons.
The total production capacity of the three materials remained at 367 ton/day at the end of 2019.