Japanese Dept. Store Sales Drop 12.2% in February

According to the Japan Department Stores Association, nationwide same-store sales (75 companies, 206 stores) dropped 12.2% in February compared to the same month of last year to 366,127 million yen, thus decreasing for five consecutive months.
As a result of the rampant coronavirus, shoppers decreased by about 10%. Inbound demand fell to a low level, and sales of winter articles remained stagnant due to the warm winter weather.
February sales of apparel (including apparel accessories) fell 15.9% to 95,107 million yen. Sales declined for all apparel items: women’s wear, 60,541 million yen (down 17.8%); men’s wear, 20,312 million yen (down 9.8%); children’s wear, 7,726 million yen (down 15.5%); and other garments, 6,526 million yen (down 15.5%).
Sales of shoes, bags and other miscellaneous articles dropped 16.7% to 45,097 million yen, with sales of sundries falling 18.9% to 69,901 million yen.