Picanol Produces 100,000th Rapier Loom in Ieper

Picanol realized another impressive milestone when its 100,000th rapier loom rolled off the production line at its plant in Ieper, Belgium in early May.
Picanol is also celebrating 45 years of manufacturing rapier looms in 2020. Once again, this reaffirms the leading role Picanol plays in the rapier loom segment worldwide.
The 100,000th rapier loom (an OptiMax-i) will be shipped to Saitex Fabrics based in Long Tho, Vietnam.
Picanol has an extensive track record in the production of high-tech rapier looms. In 1975, it launched its very first loom with rapier insertion, which was named the PGW. Since the launch of the first rapier loom all that time ago, Picanol has introduced various new generations of rapier looms. These include, among other machines, the GTM in 1983, Gamma in 1996, GamMax in 2002, and OptiMax and GT-Max in 2007. Its current flagship rapier looms – the OptiMax-i (launched in 2015) and GTMax-i 3.0 (launched in 2018) – cover a complete range of applications, and they are generally recognized as being the most versatile and best-performing rapier looms on the market. The OptiMax-i represents the benchmark of the industry, and it is unquestionably the fastest rapier loom in the world.
“The fact that the 100,000th machine mark has been reached now represents a sign of hope and optimism during this COVID-19 time. Our people are working hard to build, install and service looms, even under these extraordinary circumstances – and this is taking place while simultaneously respecting all of the measures needed to ensure safe and healthy working conditions. We have every reason to be proud of the fact that we have produced 100,000 rapier looms, and we are extremely grateful to all of our employees who have made this possible,” explained Johan Verstraete (VP Weaving Machines). “Achieving this milestone once again demonstrates our ability to produce best-in-class, dedicated looms for the world’s most reputable textile manufacturers. In addition, this is further proof of the confidence that our customers have in the Picanol brand, its quality and its rapier technology. By working in close cooperation with our customers, even in these challenging times, we will grow together!”