Hyosung Introduces New Creora 3D Max at Kingpins24

To provide denim-lovers with jeans they want to live in, Hyosung has developed new Creora 3D Max spandex, which made its debut at the Kingpins24 virtual denim event that took place online on June 23rd and 24th.

Hyosung introduced 3D Max spandex to give denim products dual performance features, such ultra-stretch and excellent recovery that last over time. Jeans made with 3D Max offer a natural look and feel, and allow for add-on details such as eco-friendly finishing and laser treatments.

“In denim, it has traditionally been difficult to get super stretch with low growth or bagging,” said Mike Simko, Hyosung’s Global Marketing Director -Textiles. “The industry wants more than 50% stretch, but they want it with less than 5% growth. While there is currently a way to achieve these targets, it can be expensive and constraining; therefore, mills and brands have been asking Hyosung for a better solution. We are happy our Creora 3D Max has filled this need.”

At Kingping24, Simko joined Tim Huesmann, Director and shareholder of Panther Denim & Tat Fung, in a moderated discussion on the importance of collaborative developments and how the denim industry can benefit by all working together. Simko also shared more information about Creora 3D Max spandex along with Hyosung’s GRS certified Creora regen spandex made from 100% reclaimed waste, and forthcoming Creora bio-based spandex.