Hayashi Crowdfunding Suits That Make Short Fat Men Look Cool

A smart look covering the body shape

Hayashi Co., Ltd. of Nagoya, Japan has started crowdfunding high-performance suits that make short fat men look cool on the Makuake crowdfunding website. The closing date is August 20th.

According to the company, the suits were planned with hopes of wanting men with a complex of being short and fat regain confidence in their body shape by looking cool.

The fabric used for these suits is Techwool, a combination of Merino Wool with a special stretch material, and is manufactured by Nakaden Keori Co., Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer of women’s fabrics. In addition to stretch, the fabric has breathability and deodorizing effects. Giving priority to comfort, the jacket is designed to be slightly larger around the shoulders. The armpits are narrowed down to a reasonable extent to create a neat appearance. The slacks are tapered with the thigh portion being large and a sleek line from the knees to the hem for a smart look.

Pads are affixed to the sides of the jacket to prevent sweat stains, and the jacket is unlined at the back so that heat is quickly released to the outside for lowering the temperature inside the jacket. The slacks have a button that can be moved whenever the belly bulges, and the crotch part is reinforced with crotch lining.

Two colors are available: navy and charcoal gray. The price is 33,000 yen for the jacket and 23,000 yen for the slacks. As a set, the jacket and slacks together cost 48,000 yen. These products will be offered at a maximum discount of 18-43% to crowdfunding investors.