Fujian Billion Kicks Off Industrial Yarn Production

The new Oerlikon Barmag systems at Fujian Billion will also be used to manufacture yarns for the automotive sector

From the end of this year, the southern Chinese yarn manufacturer, Fujian Billion Polymerization Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. will be producing industrial yarns using systems supplied by Oerlikon Barmag.

With this, the company, which is considered to be the largest polyester yarn manufacturer in southern China, is now also entering the industrial yarn market.

With 124 positions and a capacity of around 250,000 ton/year, this project is the largest single industrial yarn order placed with Oerlikon Barmag to date. And with this order, Fujian Billion instantly positions itself as one of the ten largest industrial yarn producers in China.

“The systems at Fujian Billion come with our latest draw unit design, which has been optimized for use with Oerlikon Barmag automation solutions,” comments Roy Dolmans, Head of Development for the Industrial Yarn Process. As a result, the newcomer in the industrial yarn sector is now superbly equipped for the future.

Located in Fujian Province, Fujian Billion will be predominantly manufacturing high-tenacity (HT) and low-shrinkage (LS) yarns from the end of this year. These sophisticated yarns will be used both in the automotive, geotextile and safety sectors (HT yarns) and for the manufacture of coated industrial textiles, such as truck tarpaulins and tents (LS yarns).

Founded in Jinjiang, Quanzhou in 2003, Fujian Billion is one of the top 500 privately owned enterprises in China. The yarn manufacturer annually produces around 2.8 million tons of filament yarns and ethylene-propylene side-by-side (ES) fibers.