China’s Nonwovens Production Rises 2.5% in Jan.-May 2020

According to the China Industrial Textiles Association, the production of nonwoven fabrics by enterprises larger than a certain scale grew by 2.5% during January-May 2020 year-on-year to 2.02 million tons.

As China has succeeded in holding down the coronavirus, demand for nonwoven fabrics for use in face masks has calmed down, and the growth in production reflects such a situation.

Nonwovens exports during January-May 2020 rose 0.8% to 410,000 tons, while imports climbed 30.4% to 66,000 tons.

The sales of industrial textile enterprises larger than a certain scale during the five months rose 13.2% to 103.9 billion yuan, and their total profits climbed 189.1% to 12.7 billion yuan. Meanwhile, the losses of deficit enterprises increased by 7.3%.

January-May 2020 exports of industrial textiles jumped 203% to US$34.3 billion. Of this, exports of face masks accounted for US$22.6 billion for a 65.8% share, and those of nonwoven protection wear occupied US$2.1 billion for a 6% share.