Japan’s Production of Adult Disposable Diapers Continues to Grow

According to revised production statistics released from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the nation’s production of disposable diapers during January-June 2020 decreased by 2.2% in tonnage year-on-year to 404,062 tons. In quantity, production declined by 2.7% to 10,712.79 million. Production decreased for infant diapers, while it increased for adult diapers. The impact of declining birthrates and aging population is increasingly becoming greater.

By type of diapers, first-half production of infant diapers decreased by 5.9% in weight 203,523 tons, and by 6.1% in quantity to 6,362.09 million. Meanwhile, the production of adult diapers rose 1.9% in weight to 200,539 tons, and by 2.8% in quantity to 4,350.70 million. Due to the declining birthrates and aging population, the shares of adult diapers increased further.

Although production and consumption stagnated in various fields with the coronavirus emergency declaration during January-June 2020, it can be said that the impact on disposable diapers was comparatively smaller because these diapers are daily necessities.

June production of disposable diapers decreased by 9.0% in tonnage compared to the same month of last year to 67,743 tons, and the quantity fell 11.4% to 1,763.10 million.

June production of adult diapers increased by 3.5% in weight to 34,432 tons, and the quantity rose 3.9% to 734.87 million. The production of infant diapers fell 19.2% in weight to 33,331 tons, and the quantity dropped 19.8% to 1,028.22 million. Since production continued to remain strong up to April, there is a possibility that the production might have been slightly adjusted from May.