Teijin Signs Comprehensive License Agreement with SEMCORP to Develop Solvent-based Coating Separators for LiBs

 Teijin Limited announced today that it has signed a technical license agreement with Shanghai Energy New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd. (SEMCORP), a leading producer of competitively priced base films for lithium-ion secondary batteries (LiBs), to manufacture solvent-based coating separators used in LiBs for electric vehicles and additional applications such as electronic devices and energy storage systems. The comprehensive agreement also includes Teijin’s development of new solvent-based coating separators.

 Through the agreement, Teijin expects to strengthen its market presence by offering successively new separators for LiBs. Teijin is committed to steadily improving its coating technologies for extra safe and efficient separators. For SEMCORP, the agreement will allow the company to expand its manufacture and sale of solvent-based coating separators that meet the functionality and safety needs of customers.

 The agreement covers Teijin’s proprietary technologies and patents for coating and production processes used in solvent-based coating separators, including aramid- and fluorine-based coatings offering excellent performance and safety. Aramid-based coatings also provide added heat resistance for superior safety.

 In addition, in a separate contract covered under the agreement, Teijin has been entrusted by SEMCORP to develop new coating separators for high-capacity,extra-safe LiBs.The growing popularity of EVs is accelerating demands for LiBs capable of safe performance even during long-distance driving.

 In November 2019, Teijin and SEMCORP concluded a technical license contract for solvent and fluorine-based coatings used in EV LiB separators. These separators, which incorporate Teijin’s high-level coating technologies and are produced with SEMCORP’s cost-competitive base films, have been meeting market demands while earning high evaluations from customers.