Kuraray Determines Fiscal 2021 Group Risk Management Policy and Announces Results of Fiscal 2020 Safety Inspections at Overseas Plants

 In line with its Group Risk Management Rules, Kuraray has been pushing ahead with the
implementation of risk aversion and mitigation measures. Specifically, each business unit at home and abroad carries out a risk self-assessment, while the Risk and Compliance Committee deliberates on the results of such self-assessments and formulates proposals regarding risks requiring particular managerial attention. The Company’s President, in turn, examines these proposals and determines management risks to be reported to the Board of Directors. Moreover, Kuraray appoints officers responsible for the supervision of countermeasures put in place for each management risk identified.

 Kuraray hereby announces its Fiscal 2021 Group Risk Management Policy, which informs the aforementioned risk management activities to be undertaken in fiscal 2021. In addition, the new policy specifies mitigating the risk of safety-related accidents at overseas plants as an ongoing priority issue. Accordingly, Kuraray intends to continue implementing safety inspections at its main chemical plants run by overseas affiliates.