Toray’s MAKSPEC V Antiviral Textile Proves Effective in Combating COVID-19

MAKSPEC V textile

Toray Industries, Inc., announced  that its tests on samples of MAKSPEC V have confirmed the effectiveness of that antiviral textile (see note 1) in reducing concentrations of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2(SARS-CoV-2). The company developed this 100% polyester offering in March 2020. It delivers exceptional washability and comfort.

Toray used the JISL 1922 antiviral test for textile products. It exposed samples to COVID-19 and measured concentrations two hours later. As with earlier experimentation using the ATCC VR-1679 envelope strain, the company confirmed that the fabric reduced more than 99.9% of COVID-19 viruses on textiles. It obtained this same result even after 50 industrial washing cycles, underscoring the fabric’s solid antiviral performance.

To date, Toray has positioned MAKSPEC V to reduce envelope-type virus. In view of the latest findings, the company will market this textile for customer service, nursing, and school uniforms for which demand to safeguard from COVID-19 is high. It also envisages expanding applications for this textile to also include sportswear, casual apparel, fashionwear, and children’s clothing.

Toray will draw on the textile processing technology it amassed in developing materials for uniforms, which demand exceptional functionality, to create textiles that provide outstanding performance and added value by combining comfort and safety, thus contributing to social progress.