Visitors to Première Vision Paris Rise 7.5%

           Visitors to Première Vision Paris last month increased by 7.5% as compared with the September 2016 show to 60,565 from 129 countries, 44,511 of whom came from outside France.

The international attendance rose by 8.5%

Top visitor countries remained unchanged: France, 16,094 (up 5%); Italy, 6,742 (up 3%); the U.K., 4,975 (up 4.7%); and Spain: 3,473 (up 4.8%). China came in fifth with 2,933 visitors, followed by Turkey with 2,845 and Germany with 2,315. Visitors from the U.S. rose by 4.8% to 2,166, and Japan was ninth with a 7% rise to 1,791.

Meanwhile, exhibitors were up 3% to 1,954.

The next edition of Première Vision Paris will be held from February 13th to 15th, 2018 for the spring/summer 2019 season.

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