Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Omikenshi Co., Ltd. has developed Cool Crystal SE, a spun rayon yarn with head-shielding performance.

Cool Crystal SE is a blend of functional rayon developed with cooperation from a fiber producer and full-dull polyester. Compared to former heat-shielding rayon, its heat-shielding performance has been improved significantly.
It has been confirmed that Cool Crystal SE has a cooling performance (temperature reduction) of 5°C, as compared with 3°C for Thermal Veil, which the company is currently marketing.

In Japan, cases are increasing in which unseasonable weather is increasing temperature difference, and inquiries for temperature-controlling materials are increasing in the market. Omikenshi plans to propose Cool Crystal SE as cooling material for the summer season along with Thermo Veil.

Cool Crystal SE will be marketed mainly in yarn form. In addition to apparel applications, the company will actively make proposals for use in fashion accessories such as gloves and sun protection arm sleeves. Proposals are already being made, and products are expected to appear on the market from the spring/summer 2017 season.

By daisen