about atb

atb表紙“atb” is Japan’s most leading textile publication in English since its first publication in 1954, and provides vital news and accurate analyses on the world’s textile and apparel business and industries.
Editorial Policy: Providing news and commentaries on the world’s textile markets and industries with quickness, accuracy and fairness.
Characteristics: As Japan’s most leading textile publication in English, “atb” is highly recognized as a vital source of information on the textile and apparel industries in Japan and other parts of Asia.
First Publication: December 1954
Publication Frequency: Average 6 issues per year
Format: A4 size
Issues Published: 16,000 issues
Distribution: Delivery by airmail
By Industry:
Fiber & textile makers 52%
Trading firms & textile converters 6%
Apparel firms 23%
Wholesalers & retailers 15%
Others 4%

By Region:
Inside Japan 1%
Asia 62%
Oceania 1%
Europe 17%
North America 16%
Middle East & Africa 3%