atb表紙“atb” is Japan’s most leading textile publication in English since its first publication in 1954, and provides vital news and accurate analyses on the world’s textile and apparel business and industries.
Editorial Policy: Providing news and commentaries on the world’s textile markets and industries with quickness, accuracy and fairness.
Characteristics: As Japan’s most leading textile publication in English, “atb” is highly recognized as a vital source of information on the textile and apparel industries in Japan and other parts of Asia.
First Publication: December 1954
Publication Frequency: Average 12 issues per year
Format: Tabloid size
Issues Published: 20,000 issues (as of September 2007)
Distribution: Delivery by mail
By Industry By Region
Fiber & textile makers 52% Inside Japan 1%
Trading firms & textile converters 6% Asia 62%
Apparel firms 23% Oceania 1%
Wholesalers & retailers 15% Europe 17%
Others 4% North America 16%
Middle East & Africa 3%