Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd., together with its European subsidiary Shima Seiki Europe, Ltd., will participate in FESPA 2017 from May 8th to 12th in Hamburg, Germany. On display will be the company’s newest offering in digital textile printing.

SIP-160F3 is the company’s latest flatbed inkjet printing machine, capable of beautiful full color printing on a variety of fabrics. Reactive dyes, acid dyes and pigment inks can be used to support different types of print applications. White color is now available with pigment ink, allowing printing on fabrics of dark tones. The printing head can be raised or lowered according to thickness of the product, allowing printing on fabrics with 3-dimensional textures, or even directly on finished products. Multidrop inkjet technology, ink circulation and degassing system, and ink thermoregulation provide efficient and stable printing.

Also on display is the latest version of the SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system, whose color management system provides accurate simulations of the printed piece for checking before printing on SIP-160F3. APEX3 is also at the core of the company’s Total Fashion System concept that supports all aspects throughout the apparel supply chain, by integrating production from product planning and design to production and even sales promotion. Especially effective is its capability to improve on the planning process with Virtual Sampling. Photo-realistic simulation capability allows Virtual Sampling to minimize the costly time- and resource-consuming sample-making process while enhancing presentation quality. At the retail stage, these Virtual Samples allow shoppers to make a selection without having actual samples on hand, which is especially effective in supporting new trends in retail such as e-commerce. Furthermore by taking advantage of on-demand print capability of SIP-160F3, customized production of printed products becomes a reality.

By daisen