Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Imprima S.p.A., a multinational group’s holding company entirely dedicated to textile finishing, announced the acquisition of SET – Società Europa Tessile, an Italian company specialized in textile printing.

As a result of this acquisition, Imprima has become the leading textile printing & finishing group in Europe, with a sales revenue forecast of around 160 million euro for 2017.

“The future-driven vision and the push towards innovation lay at the core of the company, that’s why we are happy to pursue our evolution alongside Imprima. This union will lead us to face new challenges thanks to the technologies, the substainable processes developed by the company and the ambitious plans of geographical expansion,” say Marta and Daniele Corvini, who remain SET’s leaders.

At the base of the choice to let SET enter the group is Imprima’s strong willingness to diversify its creative offer and costumer portfolio, increasing not only the figures of the fast fashion market but also those of the planned market, also at a geographical level.

The acquisition of SET follows the recent acquisition of Como-based printing converter B-Blossom and previous acquisitions of KBC (a German printing leader) and Guarisco, making Imprima the main textile printing and finishing industrial group in Europe.

By daisen