Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. will acquire the manufacturing and sales operations for pre- and post-processing equipment for digital textile printing from Rimslow Global Pty. Ltd. of Australia.

The Mimaki Group recognizes that it is essential to accelerate growth of digital printing in the textile and apparel market, and is rebuilding their sales and service structures, as they must strive to obtain know-how relating to all aspects of digital printing for this market.

With this acquisition, Mimaki will obtain know-how related to digital printing pre- and post-processing equipment (including coating machines, steamers and washers), which will enable the group to carve out a position as a rare digital printer manufacturer with the ability to provide comprehensive solutions.

Rimslow is well known in the textile printing industry as a pioneer of digital printing pre- and post-processing equipment. Mimaki will acquire assets including Rimslow’s product designs and trademarks, but will not take over the maintenance services of existing customers. A special consultant contract will be signed with Rimslow’s representatives, which will allow Mimaki to receive guidance regarding the development and manufacturing of Rimslow’s products, and to build a production system for them within the group.

By daisen