Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

According to the Japan Department Stores Association, nationwide same-store sales at member stores (80 firms, 226 stores) rose by 2.2% over the same month of last year to 539,636 million yen, the first rise in two months. With the chilly weather increasing demand for warm garments, apparel sales grew by 0.5% to 169,783 million yen: men’s wear, 40,361 million yen (up 2.5%); women’s wear, 107,690 million yen (up 0.5%); children’s wear, 10,233 million yen (down 4.0%).

The Japan Chain Stores Association (56 firms, 9,825 stores) reported that November same-store sales decreased 0.6% from the year before to 1,075,341 million yen. The decrease in temperature increased apparel sales by 0.2% to 96,905 million yen: men’s wear, 20,806 million yen (down 0.5%); women’s wear, 27,031 million yen (down 0.2%); and other garments, 49,068 million yen (up 0.7%).

In men’s wear, sales were favorable for jackets and outerwear, but were slow for suits and coats. Well-selling women’s wear items were jackets, coats and sweaters, while sales were dull for suits and formal wear.

By daisen