Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd. will set up factories for weaving, dyeing and the production of sewn products in Vietnam to set out on producing their own products such as curtains and bedding. The factories are scheduled to be completed by August 2020.

Akio Nitori, Chairman and CEO of Nitori Holdings, says, “By newly advancing into the manufacturing sector, we will be able to achieve success with a comprehensive setup ranging from manufacturing to distribution and retailing.”

The company also examined plans for a spinning mill, but it would be difficult with a scale of 1,000 stores in 2020. It hopes to examine plans for a spinning mill again when a scale of about 2,000 stores comes in sight.

The Nitori Vietnam furniture factory that commenced full-scale production in December is to supply high-quality beds and dining room sets at affordable prices. Chairman Nitori says, “We will make the most of production in Vietnam to sell the best products worldwide including China.”

By daisen