Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The U.S. Office of Textiles & Apparel reported that the nation’s imports of textiles and apparel in 2018 increased by 5.88% over the previous year to 68,594.44 million square meters equivalent (MSME). In value, imports rose by 4.97% to US$111,095.39 million.

Apparel imports were up 2.80% to 27,841.58 MSME, and the value grew by 3.38% to US$82,880.76 million

Textile imports rose by 8.08% 40,752.86 MSME with the value growing by 9.96% to US$28,214.63 million.

Textile and apparel imports from China (the largest supplier) increased by 6.72% and 4.85% to 33,808.83 MSME and US$40,583.97 million, respectively. Of this, apparel amounted to 11,670.31 MSME (up 2.75%) valued at US$27,371.07 million (up 1.34%). Textiles totaled 22,138.52 million (up 8.93%) worth US$13,212.89 million (up 12.95%).

By daisen